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Air Conditioning, Linwood: What to Do With Your Window AC Unit in the winter

For those of you who use a window air conditioning unit, as many homes in Linwood do, you know that you do not need to use this system during the winter months. So what do you do with the system when it is so cold outside that you do not want to even think about AC?


One option is to leave the unit right where it is. Many window air conditioning units have a special feature, called the fan, which will allow for you to simply turn on the machine and get some airflow going in your home. This feature circulates the air in the home helping keep your area less stuffy and fresh.


In many areas, Linwood included, air conditioning can sometimes be used in the Winter, so it is a safe bet to keep the machine in the window ready to go in case of a sudden warm spell.


For those who enjoy having the cold air let in and who are not worried about the always changing climate, it is also an option to remove the air conditioning unit. This will free up the extra window, which will allow you to open it for a little fresh air. In many areas, such as Linwood, fall and winter are great times to get a nice breeze in your home that is not too hot, or not too cold, and will create a comfortable environment for everyone.


So no matter what you do with your window air conditioning unit, you can still take advantage of either having it in place or not having it in place and create a comfortable atmosphere for you and those in your home. If you are in Linwood, air conditioning units can be a tricky thing to move around due to the age of many of the homes. Call Kisby Shore if you happen to need any assistance. (609)-344-3264