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Plumber, Somers Point, Teaches You How to Fix a Leaky Ball Faucet

There are many types of faucets out there that people install onto their sinks, but regardless of what kind of faucet you have, having a leak can be a real downer. For those of you who have found a leak in your ball faucet, here are some simple instructions on how to fix it from a local Somers Point plumber.


The first step in any drain repair according to our plumber is to turn off the water. Simply go underneath the sink and twist the water valve clockwise until it is switched off. You also want to clock the drain. Using a sink stopper or a wet rag will work, you just want to make sure that the hole is plugged so that parts and pieces do not have a place to escape to.


Next, our Somers Point plumber says that you need to go out and grab a replacement kit. This kit is different than a full faucet, and will save you some money, but may require some different tools than ones you are used to, so make sure that you read the packaging to see what you will need.


Unscrew and remove the handles to the faucet. Use piers to remove the cap and collar around each handle. Next, loosen the faucet cam. There should be a tool in your replacement kit that will help you loosen this so you can then remove it, the ball and the washer. Next remove the inlet seals and springs. Our Somers Point Plumber suggests that you use pliers to accomplish this.


Next, replace the O-rings and install all of the new parts that correspond with the parts that you removed. Then, reassemble the handle.


Voila! Your leak should be fixed! If you still notice a drip, you might want to call a plumber, and if you happen to live in the Somers Point area, call Kisby Shore Plumbing & Heating to get you all fixed up. (609)-344-3264