Whether we are installing the heating for a school or a restaurant, the industry demands high performing and energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Since 1951, commercial projects in South Jersey trust Kisby Shore to ensure they are never left out in the cold.


Whether they are energy efficient gas-fired or an oil-fired, boilers are the heart of commercial and industrial heating systems. Trust on Kisby Shore for your next boiler installation. 

DOAS Units

Kisby Shore delivers Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) units to provide 100% outdoor air. These units are increasingly popular in schools and large buildings.

Heat Pumps

Commercial heat pumps deliver high-performance and energy-efficient heating. Ask us how a heat pump can increase comfort and savings for commercial and industrial buildings.

Fan Coil Units

Kisby Shore Mechanical Contractors install fan coil units for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. We specialize in large scale HVAC projects including new construction and renovations.

Condensing Units

Kisby Shore union plumbers are experienced at installing commercial air-cooled condensing units for reliable and comfortable central air conditioning in commercial and industrial buildings.

Air Handling Units

Depending on your industry and desired performance, an air handling unit, or air handler, may help you achieve a comfortable temperature without sacrificing quality or dependability.


Kisby Shore Mechanical contractors provides design and installation of commercial chiller plant systems for creating temperature controlled environments in commercial and industrial settings.

Rooftop HVAC Units

Our team of experienced HVAC professionals can provide installation for single-zone and multi-zone rooftop heating, ventilation and cooling units for your commercial building comfort needs.

Cabinet Unit Heaters

Kisby Shore’s mechanical contracting professionals install high quality, energy efficient cabinet heating systems. Provide independent zone heating for schools and commercial buildings.

Unit Ventilators

Unit ventilator systems and under the window ventilator systems are a common choice for classrooms in schools and universities to provide low cost individual room temperature control.

Cooling Towers

Commercial HVAC systems utilize cooling towers to release excess heat and maintain controlled temperature environments. We install rooftop and stand-alone cooling towers.

Make-up Air Units

Kisby shore provides installation of indoor and outdoor direct-fire make-up air units and duct furnaces to provide tempered make-up air to your space in a variety of applications.

Refrigeration Piping

Refrigeration piping connects to all components of your system. Failure to properly install lines can lead to catastrophic failures. Count on Kisby Shore to install your refrigeration piping.

Chilled Water Piping

We install a variety of chilled water piping systems to provide cooling for industrial and commercial environments and equipment to meet your project specifications.

Hot Water Piping

Hot water piping systems and hydronic unit heaters provide hot water throughout your building. Our technicians can aid in the design of hot water heating systems.

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